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Research & Analytics

Our research team was deployed to study and analyze the current market scenario for each portfolio involved, in addition to identifying brand impressions, sentiments, strengths and potential weaknesses. We also undertook competitor analysis, a study of the Brand USP and drew up an exhaustive listing of several components. This included Brand Architecture, Attributes, Design Language, Visual cues and yet other facets of what would be involved in the Messung Group’s Brand Identity.

Brand Strategy

After our exhaustive research process, we understood that Messung’s acquisition of several other brands in no less than three distinct verticals was presenting an inconsistent brand image. Messung was no longer Messung – it was now the Messung Group and had forayed into the world of Automation, Electrical Engineering and Workplace Tech. It needed to be represented in a way that consolidated their identity, while also retained its multifaceted nature. Moreover, the Messung group’s new, modern identity would combine vibrancy, excitement and versatility in one grand sweep – exuding confidence in their position as thought leaders for a variety of industries. All in all, the impression would be: we have evolved, we are dynamic, and we are here with more solutions than ever before.

Brand Positioning

The Brand Strategy process helped catalyze our decisions when it came to positioning the brand. Since Messung was no longer ‘boxed-in’, and always strove to create solutions in ever-expanding industry verticals while establishing its position as an industry leader, the tagline rightfully was: “The leading Edge”.

Clearly distinguished brand language and iconography was envisaged for Messung’s new identity, with three verticals at hand: Automation & Controls, Electrical Engineering and Workplace Technology. Even within automation, there were three subdivisions created – Industrial, Building & Infrastructure and Home, Office & Hotel Automation.

The specificity was necessary because Messung’s portfolio was vast, and customers needed clear solutions for their specific business needs – in addition to recognizing that the market was always evolving, much like the brand.

Design Language Creation

Messung was new. Messung was modern. Messung was dynamic, and multifaceted; yet – it retained all the aspects of its original reliability and reputation. We honed in on the prism as the most apt representation of all these values and more. Within the prism, the different colors represented the distinctive character of each business. A stimulating color palette was also used to indicate portfolio diversification. The tenets of the Messung Group were indicated by individual icons, representing company ideals, namely: Integrity, Innovation, Excellence, Dynamism and Responsibility. The permutation and combination of these would dot their brand communication and collaterals, as per need and function. Messung’s ability to combine thought with action, and the unification at their group and segment verticals was highlighted by seamlessly blending in graphics, image assets and colors

Identity Program Development

The creation of a design language for the Messung Group helped us create a strong corporate identity for the brand. Vibrant tones of red, blue and green were utilized to echo dynamism and cheer. Akrobat was the typeface of choice because it is best suited for brands that are creative and multi-tiered, much like Messung. Its narrow yet uniform look makes it an ideal font for an integrated branding campaign, as it is flexible. Business Communication in the form of stationary, presentation templates, email signature, folders, uniforms and even vehicles was developed in this state of the process. Synchronized messaging was used at all levels, be it Corporate, Business or Solution. Brand story and image were consistently applied.

Primary Brand Communication

In this stage, Interics developed all of Messung’s communication collaterals – advertisements, leaflets, exhibition spaces and office branding in line with the design template at hand. A variety of audiences were targeted with this multi-pronged approach, and the Messung Group was now unified on all fronts: identity, services, industry – while also looking increasingly approachable to a variety of stakeholders across industries. Interics created an equally dynamic and highly responsive corporate website for them. Four clear messages echo on the shifting banner, indicating Messung’s new character: “Where knowledge meets technology, where experience imparts efficiency, where innovation enhances performance and where expertise augments reliability”.


After undergoing our extensive Integrated Branding process, Messung managed to project a strong, unified and consolidated brand image. The implementation of relevant design language succeeded in adding vibrancy to the brand. The Messung Group has definitely surpassed the limits of their previous self, and the brand identity now holds nothing but promise for all the stakeholders involved. It’s evolution, growth and expertise across multiple domains and industries rings clear and true – as exemplified by each and every aspect of their brand communications and collateral. Messung is truly – as it promises – providing the leading edge