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Research & Analytics

For us, Research isn’t limited to the desk. We implemented a full-scale qualitative research methodology to gather data. This helped us gain insights into what both – the customers and people in the Nichrome team felt about the brand’s existing, and new direction. Brand sentiment and perception were thus streamlined. These insights formed the bedrock for Brand positioning and Architecture.

Brand Strategy

Based on the insights gained by our Research process, we collaborated with Nichrome to develop different aspects of their brand, namely: their core, their architecture and articulation. Nichrome’s core lay with the increased ambit of their offerings – and their ability to be an innovative, forward thinking provider of those offerings. From simply catering to customers that wanted packaging machines, Nichrome would now provide all kinds of packaging solutions, adding the latest technological innovations to the mix.

Their brand architecture would involve the integration of their portfolio across different segments: Food, Pharma and others – while positioning for each would be developed. Nichrome’s personality development ties in with the brand articulation process. We were not looking at the Nichrome that we all knew: we were looking at Nichrome ‘Next’. The new Nichrome was a provider, yes, but it was also a partner with the ability to help the consumer with ALL their packaging needs, through nearly all industry verticals.

Brand Positioning

Our Brand Strategy process thus helped us with how we wanted to position Nichrome, and solidify their tagline. Since Nichrome was now focused on being a partner for their consumers packaging needs, their brand offering was streamlined to be: “Integrated Packaging Solutions”, further divided into Packaging Systems, Packaging Machines and Filing Solutions.

This clearly showed consumers that Nichrome was ready to take up everything from prepackaging systems to tertiary packing equipment and automation.

The tagline, “Infinite Possibilities with Innovation” told consumers that the new Nichrome was ready to provide a nearly endless gamut of solutions through their forward thinking, avant-garde innovation – which was now a part of their DNA. Interics also strongly felt that to move Nichrome’s repute beyond the food industry, it needed to articulate the industries in which their offerings had expanded. This resulted in the creation of “Food, Pharma and Others” with strong color codes for each industry.

Design Language Creation

The Design Language for Nichrome now shows the brand’s limitlessness through undulating forms that are centered on their original logo, the slip-stream-like ‘N’. Each offering – be it Packaging Systems or Machines – has its own visual language that is either showcased separately, or juxtaposed according to the medium. For industries, color codes are used, creating both: A visual as well as a conceptual spectrum of the different industries where Nichrome will reign as a provider, in both national and international domains. To bolster Nichrome’s next-gen, futuristic image where people, processes and systems meet, we juxtaposed high quality photographs of relevant personnel, machines and parts with graphics.

Identity Program Development

The development of Nichrome’s corporate brand identity involved finetuning and merging different elements of the design language we developed. This included the different color palettes, tone and other aspects of the visual architecture.

The Museo typeface was selected because it gives a robust, consistent and technological feel – in line with Nichrome’s industrially futuristic core image. Since the font allows for a wide range of applications, it was extremely suitable for Nichrome’s full range of brand collateral – be it analog or digital.

Business Communication in the form of stationary, presentation templates, email signature, folders, uniforms and even vehicles was developed in this state of the process. Nichrome’s branding was consistent across all media.

Primary Brand Communication

In this stage, Interics developed all of Nichrome’s communication collaterals – advertisements, leaflets, exhibition spaces and office branding in line with the design template at hand. The next-gen Nichrome was ready to make waves in the industry with a completely fresh, rejuvenated outlook.

Interics also redesigned Nichrome’s website and other digital media. The main banner proudly echoes their new tagline, while iconography for each service offering blends in seamlessly to give you a futuristic look and feel. Relevant industry sectors are also given their due as photographs and graphics merge to echo evolution in every form.


Nichrome’s new brand avatar achieved everything that we hoped it would. Nichrome confidently represents the latest in packaging solutions – and is not restricted in any way to the provision of packaging machinery. Clear, consistent communication has ensured that Nichrome’s relationship with the consumer is that of a lifecycle partner, and not simply a one-time service/product provider.

The company also manages to unify all its offerings under one strong core, while also managing to differentiate services and industry verticals for all those who would come into contact with any of its communication collaterals.

Nichrome now emerges as a thought-leader, partner, innovator and versatile solutions provider with limitless potential for growth as India’s leading brand for complete end-to-end integrated packaging solutions, expanding to yet other industries and business segments.