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MARS Petcare is the global leader in pet nutrition, selling its products in over 60 countries. They are a dynamic company with vast global presence and social initiatives. They partnered with Interics to come up with a vibrant spatial experience for their pedigree manufacturing plant in Telangana.

It was an especially challenging project as it required a combination of uncompromising rules, regulations, safety measures and vibrant visuals comprising content and achievements of both global and Indian offices.

Interics developed a strategic journey which starts from establishing MARS as a global leader among the external stakeholders which then leads its way to creating an emotional connect with the internal stakeholders. The concept also communicated the global initiatives from an Indian point of view. While working on the strategic part,Interics also aced the communication of Industry mandates and Safety regulations.

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MARS Group is IDPL's esteemed client since a quite some time. After the completion of multiple successful projects, MARS commissioned interics to refurbish their existing MARS PETCARE Factory.

After Carefully studying the brand's newest principles and policies, IDPL decided to go for a new design language and approach that starts with the global success of the brand, further going into the local work and success.

IDPL crafted a new design language for MARS that evokes the playful colorful nature of the brand. Employees of the factory were also newly photographed along with their families for the branding, which helped create a feeling of belonging.

We identified communication opportunities at the office and factory separately with variations based on the area-wise functions across the campus.


Building around their core positioning ‘A better world for pets’, we combined business and culture aspects to craft relevant content. The visual elements were inspired by the movement of happy, healthy pets – joyful fluid strokes and animal graphics conveying the company’s love for pets.

Designing communication that emphasised the aspects of safety, quality and hygiene which are paramount and critical in Mars operations. To personalise these statutory values, and express Mars’ concern for the wellbeing of its people, ‘family-oriented’ messaging and imagery was developed. Photography of Mars’ staff members with their families and pets was used to bring warmth, engagement and emotional connect to the communication.

Developing a Journey for the audience through the space and detailing each touch-point and zones – Approach (Compound wall, Entrance, Reception), Communication (Meeting rooms), Work (office) and Transition (Passages, Stairways) to Shop floor with specific content for each.

Careful project management and flawless execution on-site, following stringent safety and hygiene criteria – for both men and materials. From building a vendor network in Hyderabad, scrupulous sampling of materials and print quality, and continuous supervision, Interics effectively translated all designs into reality.

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