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Physical spaces are like blank canvases waiting to be filled with impressions that are compelling and communicative. They are opportunities for materialising powerful experiences.
Interics IN-SPACE has over 3 decades of expertise transforming spaces into engaging brand statements with seamless delivery. 

Interics IN-SPACE has over 3 decades of expertise transforming spaces into engaging brand statements with seamless delivery.

Built on strategy and empowered by inter-disciplinary skills, we partner with our customers from concept to commissioning, using sound experience creation methodologies and innovative ideas to translate and evolve brand assets in space. With our team of creative designers and network of vendors & contractors, architectural knowledge and project management skills, we ensure consistent and timely execution of assignments anywhere in India and abroad.


IN-SPACES also utilises the latest technologies such as virtual reality, augmentation, holographic projections, usability interfaces etc. to create immersive and interactive experiences in space. Experience/Technology Centre Design, Space Design, Retail Space Design, Exhibition Stand Design – we maximise the potential of these streams to tell a story, build an evocative Brand persona and enhance Brand image through well-implemented experiences in space.

Crafting Business and Technological Influence
Interics takes a customised and thematic approach in Experience and Technology Centres to address the emerging knowledge and communication needs of industry. We develop narratives enriched with multi-sensory experiences which utilise architectural insight, planning, design, craftsmanship and the latest technologies. By rigorously implementing the overall spatial design that combines modern and traditional media, we take your audience on a journey of discovery evoking a variety of emotions in order to connect with your philosophy and desired image. At the same time, we consolidate the legacy and inspire excellence through a showcase of innovation and progress.

Imparting Memorability to Brand Personas
We look at Workspace and Retail environments as an opportunity for revealing the true character of Your Brand, engaging dynamically with the customers and staff, inspiring a positive gut feeling, and ultimately making the Spatial Experience memorable. Interics systematically integrates your Brand image in space with an innovative blend of graphics, materials, installations and interior elements evolved from your Brand identity in order to design environments, which are both engaging and communicative. One of the few global spatial branding design firms in India and in the business for over two decades, we have developed a unique delivery system that ensures high quality outcomes with sound time management and cost effectiveness in execution.

Creating the ‘Wow’ for Standout
Trade shows and events are all about the Wow factor… Keeping the business focus and objectives at the forefront of our design approach, we create the essential ‘Wow’ for making your products and exhibition/ event space more noticeable and memorable, thereby increasing the brand value perception and impact among audiences. By bringing intrigue and a sense of discovery; and making visitors work a little to get the message we enable our clients to involve their audience as participants and instigate an instant engagement with their brand. With extensive experience and expertise in production & stall construction, IN-SPACES offers complete Exhibition build & design while ensuring satisfaction and success for every assignment.

Shaping Socio-cultural Experiences
From museums to plazas and squares, to local neighbourhood spaces, a well-designed public space is a stage that captures cultural richness to uplift the quality of life as well as community behaviour. Interics looks at museum and public space design as an opportunity to create distinctive and evolving spaces that are engaging, meaningful, balanced, comfortable and incorporate diversity for addressing a wide spectrum of audience needs and expectations.

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