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Interics Designs was commissioned to create a spatial experience for the world’s leading logistics company’s’ Pune office. We did an in-depth research and came up with a theme “Global Diversity, Local Resilience” that connects with both the internal and external stakeholders of the company.

We divided the space within color coded zones based on their target audience and functions. Using the company’s global reach and deep connection with the local audience, we assigned content for each of these zones.

Based on the initial planning, we created a multisensory, inclusive space design using a variety of graphics, installations, exhibits and displays. The thorough research and dedicated efforts towards the designs resulted in a unique work environment that connects and delights to unite Customers and Communities from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. towards the collective success of the company worldwide.

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We conceptualised the theme for the office space based on our narrative of Global Diversity & Local Resilience. The office space was designed to establish the mission of local connect and inclusion. Through our concept we expressed this inner core of the company.

The logistic company who also understands the local dynamics in terms of geography, technology and most important the culture and people, had to be brought into the thematic panels. This was beautifully in sync with the visitors and employee journey, to reveal a progressive brand persona and a vibrant inclusive workplace that inspires and motivates.

Customer First, People Led, Innovation Driven was at heart of the company, hence we instilled this motto via varied thematic graphics and installations that communicated to all the stakeholders through the office space.


The incorporation of local craft and artisanal skills not only added visual richness but also showcased the importance of preserving and promoting local culture. The workplace concept was brought to life by integrating larger than life 3D interactive installations that focused on community building through participation. Each installation and touchpoint was thoughtfully customised and curated with use of various materials and different techniques. We aimed to show the brand's mission to being a customer-centric and innovative company world wide, while also emphasising on respecting and appreciating the local culture.



It is evident that the brand’s investment in creating a vibrant and inclusive workplace has had a positive impact by 60% increase in physical attendance at office after Covid. The successful integration of local crafts and processes in the form of 3D and interactive installations brought a sense of pride amongst the employees. Moreover, the office space has become a hub of interaction and exchange, bringing people together from different backgrounds and fostering collaboration with diversity & inclusion. This showed the brand’s commitment to understanding and adapting to the local dynamics, which fosters a sense of community and inspires employees to prioritise customer service, people, and innovation. In conclusion, the Branding concept and design of The brand's Pune office space, led to the implementation of the existing concept (Global Diversity, Local Resilience) all over the other office across India.




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