Corporate Identity Program

Corporate Identity Program

The foundation of strong brand building

At Interics Designs, the Corporate Identity Program transcends the design aspect and goes beyond logo and stationery design. We look at crafting a Brand Image with a compelling Story that enables the audience to understand and be inspired by your business purpose, and is relevant to what you stand for as business as well as what you offer to your customers.

We create a robust brand design language that is rich in variety, yet maintains principles to convey the brand as a singular entity. The Interics team with its multi-faceted expertise weaves one Voice through your collaterals to create immediate Brand Awareness and evoke a positive and impactful impression; and also manage the desired Brand consistency across touch points to build recognition for the Brand.

The Interics Designs' CIP Formulation Methodology involves a detailed, proven 6-step process that starts at research and ends at the brand identity launch. It ensures synergy of the corporate/ brand identity in every form of media use, regionally and globally.

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