Ardent Electronic Trading Pvt. Ltd. (ADL)

Ardent Electronic Trading Pvt. Ltd. (ADL)

Brand Identity Design | Packaging Design

Brief background
Established in 2011 and based in Pune, India, ADL is a company offering a range of the latest electronic consumer products that help consumers enhance and enjoy their lives, at competitive prices.

The challenge was to build a unique and reputable image for the brand through their packaging.

After researching the competition and its packaging, both online and in-store, we realised the current packaging did not speak to the youthful target audience of ADL.

We addressed the need by designing a strong identity for the brand, and distinctive packaging for their various products.

Solution areas
Evolving an impressive brand identity, and applying it systematically across touch-points for effective

brand image building.

Developing a corporate positioning that effectively expresses the benefits that the company brings to its customer’s life. ADL’s product range of modern electronic products aimed to add convenience, increase style and pleasure; so Interics came up with the succinct ‘Ease. Enhance. Enjoy.’ A catchy, easy-to-understand statement of the core intent that resonated with both external and internal stakeholders.

Stylish packaging design with contemporary fonts, ‘young’ colours and vibrant brand imagery to communicate the ‘youthful’ and ‘enjoyment’ aspects of the brand.

The ADL packaging transformed the brand with a young, vibrant, contemporary persona. It built an impressive appeal among young customers – standing out among the competition on e-commerce sites and even on brick & mortar shelves. Growth in sales testified to the packaging’s effectiveness to draw customers to the product, especially the undecided customer.

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