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Ardent Electronic Trading Pvt. Ltd. (ADL)

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The client
Established in 2011, ADL is a company offering a range of electronic consumer products at competitive prices. Based in Pune, India, ADL travels the world to bring the latest electronic products that help consumers enhance and enjoy their lives.

Pain Area
ADL was sourcing electronic products globally and marketing them through a network of local retailers in Maharashtra. However, as these products were ‘me-too’ products, they were unable to penetrate the market and build brand differentiation. ADL needed to raise brand awareness, promote and sell products, expand their reach and get closer to their customers – all in a limited budget.

Launch Strategy
True to the methodology of Design Thinking, we began by immersing ourselves in both the ADL product portfolio and ‘empathizing’ with their target customer – using that as the foundation for how we could ultimately provide an effective solution to Launch Strategy

Indepth study to understand the ‘persona’ and customer journey enabled us to define the ‘who’ and thereby the ‘how’. Millennials and youngsters’ were targeted at the first stage.

We identified ADL’s Target groups and their triggers, motivations, favoured method of purchase, etc. which helped us shape the brand launch strategy and its design strategy.

From the user perspective, with insights of customer expectations and in line with changing market trends and customer behavior, For the defined target group going on digital platform was the solution. We proposed a comprehensive digital strategy that included e-commerce along with heavy duty advertising plan on Amazon a platform as yet unexplored by ADL.

We launched ADL on Amazon and Flipkart, building the ADL brand playful, trendy and vibrant brand identity design, packaging design, brand communication and effective digital brand experience creation. We also designed and launched a responsive e-commerce website for ADL to display and sell their product range. With consistent promotions and content creation for Flipkart and Amazon besides SMM, SEM with PPC Campaign Management and Google Ads, we transformed ADL’s rankings and brand image.

This problem-solving approach enabled ADL to build a strong, resonant brand image, achieve unprecedented sales and make inroads into markets beyond Maharashtra – both online and offline. We were able to create an exciting revenue generating model with effective ROI.

From the creation of a new brand identity, engaging e-commerce website, branding, communication templates, visual imagery and messaging to an aggressive digital marketing strategy, Interics’ Design Thinking played a transformative role in ADL’s digital makeover and marketing success. With our commitment to understanding ADL’s pain points, target customer and market, we delivered a solution that helps ADL to better serve its customers, attract new business and position itself for future growth.

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