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Brief background
Praan:t is a fashion label and outlet in Pune that celebrates, preserves and promotes the remarkable aesthetics and craftsmanship of regional artisans across India. Praan:t needed a cohesive brand identity to reflect its unique business entity and communicate through their retail spaces and other touch points to build awareness.

We partnered with Praan:t to develop

Retail Branding designs

and communication that effectively conveyed the core ethos of the brand. We made the ‘ethnic’ our foundation for

brand communication


brand image building,

and seamlessly extended it across all media and touch points.


Solution areas
Developing a unique brand identity with an ethnic touch. The logo, in Devnagiri, was visualised in graphics reminiscent of embroidery stitches, resonant with the label’s focus on traditional textile handicrafts.

Extending the brand identity effectively and consistently across brand communication touch points from retail spaces to supporting material such as stationery, bags, labels, price tags, etc. We also designed and developed a responsive website for the brand where ideas and identity combined to create compelling impact.

Creating displays and 3D installations at the retail space with different traditional textiles to highlight the label’s focus on India’s rich textile heritage, and its efforts to promote regional artisans.

The promotion of the Praan:t label and exclusive

store launch

was a resounding success. With an

Integrated Branding

approach, Interics helped shape and build Praan:t into a premium, niche brand that today stands for originality and creativity, and more importantly, as a designer brand that is committed to reviving, promoting and celebrating India’s rich heritage of textile crafts.


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