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Indah Chocolate

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Brief background
Indah is a pioneer ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolate manufacturer offering hand-made chocolates with personal attention to the entire process from sourcing the raw material to crafting the end-product.

The task for Interics was to create a distinct brand identity, positioning Indah as a premium brand, while reflecting the passion, labour and meticulous attention to detail that goes into the careful making of Indah chocolates.

Interics partnered with Indah to understand their company, process and products in depth.

We discovered that for Indah, chocolate making was not merely a business, it was an art. We decided to build upon  this idea in our design and communication.

Solution areas

Design Strategy

positioning Indah Chocolates as a handcrafted, premium, ‘bean-to-bar’ chocolate brand.

Designing the

Brand identity

of Indah – inspired by the cocoa pod. A cross-section view lent itself to a delicate, flower-like graphic that created an exclusive identity for the brand.

Developing artistic

product packaging design

using hand-drawn, customised illustrations based on the ingredients that go into Indah chocolates – to emphasise the ‘authentic’ and ‘hand-crafted’ quality of Indah products and build a distinct shelf presence.

Indah was introduced in the market with a compelling brand identity and packaging, and eye-catching differentiation. 

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