Ecofresh Organic Food (I) Pvt. Ltd.

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Ecofresh Organic Food (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Brand Identity | Packaging Design

Brief background
Ecofresh is a food brand of Samruddhi Group, promoting organic food – mainly Milk products, Honey and Pulses.

Samruddhi required Interics to design a powerful brand face for Ecofresh which reflects the purity and freshness of their organic products. Packaging was considered the vital element to build brand recognition and its ability to stand out on retail shelves.

Interics partnered with Samruddhi Group to understand their company, products, business model and competition.

We decided to promote Ecofresh as a brand bringing ‘healthy lifestyle’ to Indian consumers.

Solution areas
Developing a strong and resonant visual identity for the brand

Creating a graphic storyboard detailing the entire process of organic food cultivation and dairy farming using evocative illustrations. Scenes of traditional Indian farming were built into the visuals to emphasis the ‘naturalness’ and purity of the production process that ensured customers received a truly ‘organic’ product – whether it was lentils or A2 ghee. This visual language was used effectively across packaging, panels, posters, outdoor branding and website.


custom, innovative & creative packaging designs

encompassing packaging concept, bottle and

brand identity design

for the various products in the Ecofresh portfolio.


The packaging design and communication established Ecofresh as a modern, professional brand bringing organic health to our tables. The packaging exercise undertaken by Interics served to build an appealing pull for the brand.

In the select stores where Ecofresh was sold, sales testified to success.  

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