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Nichrome India Ltd.

“Integrated branding Solution by Interics helped our brand strategy to gain an unique positioning in the packaging industry domain.”
-Mrunal Joshi, CEO

Research | Brand Strategy | Brand Property Creation | Visual Architecture | Communication Templates | Property Usage and Communication Guidelines | Brand Launch

Brief Background
A pioneer and leader in packaging machine manufacturer, Nichrome is now taking its business to the next level with a wider spectrum of offerings in the packaging domain and planned entry into new markets around the globe. The Brand Image needed to be uplifted conveying Nichrome as a systems supplier of end-to-end packaging solutions.

To project the next level of Nichrome, the Brand’s DNA of innovation was identified as the springboard for bringing about the desirable image change  as well as driving the necessary culture and strong orientation towards customer needs, which would be essential contributors for growth. We leveraged this strength to curate the brand assets which would signify ‘Nichrome Next’.

A new brand architecture was defined, with 3 SBUs to illustrate Nichrome’s capability of ‘Integrated Packaging Solutions’: Packaging Machines, Packaging Systems and Filling Systems. To demonstrate a spectrum of expertise, the industry applications were categorised under 3 domains: Food, Pharma and Others. 

We crafted a Communication theme to express Nichrome’s purpose, unique persona and differentiated offering through unified Imagery and messaging in order to build recognition and recall for the new face of the Brand.

Solution areas
Creating a cohesive

Brand identity

system based on different aspects of the thematic brand narrative and to depict Nichrome’s innovation process – the cornerstone for ‘Infinite Possibilities’ of creating value.

Evolving a heritage brand property ‘Nichromian’ to its modern avatar ‘Nx-gen Nichromian’ as part of the

Brand Identity


Developing Clear and Consistent Business Communication with Templates designed to showcase the brand assets in a consistent manner, with relevant variations to articulate benefits and messaging at Corporate, Business and Solution levels.

Launching the Brand with a confident

brand positioning

as a thought leader, motivating partner and valuable innovator to strengthen the desired value perception.


Interics’ Strategic and Design expertise has given the Brand a renewed power and confidence. We have helped Nichrome take a focused approach in developing their solution capability in specific business segments and industry applications. What is even more exciting is how there is a fresh breath of inspiration for innovation and delivering the Nichrome Next experience among their team.

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