Teknoflow Green Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

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Teknoflow Green Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

“Our new Corporate Identity and brand building has earned kudos from all stakeholders. The new look has transformed our brand persona, and the brand communication has been especially appreciated by our international customers.”
Leena Pachkawde
Managing Director

Brand Positioning | Brand Strategy | Brand Property Creation | Communication Collaterals | Website Design

Brief background
Teknoflow manufactures heavy equipment and systems for industrial and environmental segments in India and abroad. At its extensive facilities in Nashik, it manufactures equipment such as exhaust systems for power generation plants, industrial water treatment equipment, pressure vessels, filtration systems, ventilation systems for mining, and much more.
Teknoflow approached Interics for Brand Image Building that would take the company’s image to the next level. They wanted to be perceived and recognized as a complete solutions provider offering a wider spectrum of offerings and world-class value-added services.

Interics decided to take a two-pronged approach:
– Brand Image uplift defining suitable position as a complete solutions provider, based on a differentiated value proposition aligned with the purpose of ‘partnership with excellence’
– Unified brand communication for strong connect and recall

Solution areas
Evolving a brand positioning ‘Enriching experience. Shaping success.’ and unique visual language as the foundation of its

communication design


brand image building.

Developing clear and consistent business communication with templates designed to showcase the brand assets in a consistent manner, with relevant variations for addressing different target audiences.

Designing a corporate brochure and responsive, user-friendly website communicating the company’s strengths and offerings in sync with new brand assets.

The Brand Image Building exercise successfully created impact and changing perception of Teknoflow from an equipment fabricator to a knowledgeable, value-adding partner for industries worldwide. Interics succeeded in building a dynamic, futuristic brand that stands for technology, expertise and proven performance.

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