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Pune Biennale Foundation

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Brief background
Pune Biennale Foundation is a Non-Government Not-for-Profit organization that works for bringing together art, architecture and design for enhancing visual aesthetics in public spaces.

The Foundation aims to contribute in making a name for Pune on the global scenario while providing opportunities for creating a platform for artists to critically engage with public art and public spaces besides promoting local talent.

The Foundation was looking to brand themselves with a unique, distinctive identity design that would create differentiation, recognition and memorability.

The organization and its flagship project, the Pune Biennale Festival, are all about art and individual expressions of creativity. So Interics designed a corporate identity that represents this aspect.

A graphic was developed around a ‘finger print’ – the universal symbol of individuality and uniqueness. Graphics representing the different art forms such as brush, pencil, tabla, etc. were built into the fluid strokes of the thumb impression – symbolic of the individuality and artistry of the participants and their work.The colour palette in reds and oranges conveyed vibrancy and passion while making a subtle connect with the orange shade usually associated with Maharashtra/India.

Solution areas
Evolving the brand identity of Pune Biennale Foundation to create a distinct and appealing image for the brand.

Designing branded collateral to market the annual Pune Biennale Festival, and attract both the art community and Pune citizens to engage and involve themselves in the festival.

Branding and design of business communication collaterals such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, brochure.

Conceptualising and implementing a responsive website with fine-tuned content, photographs and graphics.


The identity design successfully created the impact and differentiation that the client wanted to achieve. The identity was further extended on their website, corporate stationery and

communication design

with flexibility and potential for brand building across media.

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