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Brief background
Messung is a pioneer in industrial automation. Today, the Messung Group has diversified in various businesses including Building & Infrastructure Automation; Home, Office & Hotel Automation; Power Distribution; and Workplace Technology.

In view of the changing business scenario, Interics developed an Integrated Branding solution to uplift the brand, unify all legal entities under the Messung Group; at the same time be relevant to current and future market and needs. The new brand identity had to be extended and communicated in their corporate office as well.

Solution areas
Designing and installing signage and wall branding inspired by the new brand identity and visual language created for Messung at their Head Office.

The newly defined Brand Architecture was also strategically presented in a 3D design for

office space branding

that combined the various SBUs with product and application area visuals based on the developed brand language.

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