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Epiroc Mining India Ltd.

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Brief background
Epiroc is a leading global productivity partner for the mining and infrastructure industries. With cutting-edge technology, Epiroc develops and produces innovative, safe and sustainable drill rigs, rock excavation and construction equipment and tools.

For the spatial design of their Corporate Office in Pune, the brief was simple: Design that would create lasting impact and marked differentiation from the other fairly standardized Epiroc offices across India based on their brand guidelines.

Epiroc’s corporate office is inspired by India’s rich architecture and art heritage. The entire curation was synthesized to highlight Epiroc’s brand story of ‘Building India’. Since the target audience for a corporate office differs from that of sales & regional offices, the approach was to reaffirm the multinational’s ‘Indian-ness’ while presenting, in a creative way, some of the values and strengths of the organization. The 3D installations and graphic analogies all fulfilled these objectives.

To showcase this concept we used local artists & workmanship for all creative installations.

Solution areas
Connecting India’s outstanding craftsmanship and culture to Epiroc’s widespread presence in India through a vibrant visual language. 

Promoting artisanal and local craftsmanship with  unique 3D installations that would transform the perception of space, giving the office the look and feel of an art exhibition or museum display. 


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has successfully created the impact and differentiation that the client wanted to achieve.


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