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Pfizer Limited

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Brief background
Pfizer is a leading global pharmaceutical company that develops and produces medicines and vaccines for a wide range of medical disciplines, including immunology, oncology, cardiology, endocrinology, and neurology.

Pfizer needed a timeless expression of their brand in their new corporate headquarters in India. The immediate need was to revitalize the Pfizer spirit and raise the bar for employee ownership.

The five elements of nature (Earth, Sky, Water, Fire & Air) were identified as a theme and a master concept was thought of.

Pfizer’s innovation, inspiration and ingenuity were highlighted to weave the brand story perfectly across all layers inside their office to create an enriched environment.

Solution areas
Developing a journey for the audience and detailing each touch point with different content and graphics that harmonised the cultural and corporate values of Pfizer India.

Shaping a visual narrative of space graphics for the

office branding

that became a metaphor related to their five different architectural zones while connecting to Pfizer’s core principles.

Building on the theme of the 5 Elements, designing large graphic illustrations that capture the cultural fabric of India and depict Pfizer’s unwavering commitment towards making the world a healthier place.

Eye-catching installations and product displays were designed and executed in entrance areas to communicate Pfizer India’s expertise, spread and portfolio.

World-class finish and execution of designs and installations in Mumbai using our network of first-rate vendors and rigorous QC standards.

The Pfizer story came alive and interactive as it infused new energy in the brand and made Pfizerites relate to it brilliantly.


branded spaces,

architecture and design celebrated the diversity and passion at work. There was a marked improvement in the permeation of brand values among all Pfizer employees.

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