Brands are integral to good Business. Branding is a powerful mechanism for businesses to be relevant yet stand out in the ever-evolving and competitive market landscape at the same time connect with the business’s audience. Interics IN-BRANDS specialises in anticipating changing business, market and customer needs for developing Future-ready Brands that set new benchmarks and generate a high resonance with audiences; while ensuring integrity and scalability across diverse platforms.

From Comprehensive Brand Strategies and Image Building Programs, to design thinking based interventions, to uplifting the brand cause for social impact, and clutter-breaking packaging design, we focus on bringing together both intangible and tangible elements and guiding principles that would build engaging Brand-driven experiences that ultimately strengthen Brand recognition and Brand loyalty.

Interics also offers carefully planned and seamlessly executed brand launch services with marketing communication design to ensure Brand unity and manage sustainable Brand and business impact across media, regions and business levels.

Creating and Sustaining Strong Brands

Our Integrated Branding Program transcends design. We collaborate with top management to harness the ‘big picture’ by understanding what the company believes in, its challenges, and where it wants to go. With extensive research to derive market, competition and customer insights, we develop a comprehensive strategy that would help unleash the Brand’s true potential.

As an extension of Brand Strategy, we provide Brand Architecture, to support futuristic growth; and craft the Brand Image with a compelling Story expressed through a robust Design Language for Brand unity across touch points. Finally, with proven interdisciplinary skills and experience of Brand roll-out, we enable a seamlessly executed brand launch along with synergistic brand communication across platforms and geographies – all maintaining brand integrity with compelling design.

Creating Shelf Standout and Building Brand Potential
Packaging plays a crucial role in evoking customer interest and influencing purchase. With market research and design intelligence, Interics creates effective Packaging that communicates the brand promise and benefits in clutter-breaking design that’s aesthetic, functional and unique. From brand naming and label design to structure design, our Packaging design methodology helps your product develop your brand to stand out on the shelf, and create a memorable experience with the customer.

Making Positive Impact and Contributing to Sustainability
Going beyond profitability, social brands are signals to your audience that you have a serious, relevant, authentic message about your community and the world at large. Interics helps create such opportunities to contribute to a cause where people feel that they are part of something bigger and better than themselves, at the same time helps your brand increase awareness of specific social issues. With our approach to Social branding, you would be able to harness all marketing and communication tools, from print advertising and PR to social media, and leverage these platforms to spread your organisation’s brand and message

Maximising Market and Customer Opportunities
In today’s competitive and dynamic landscape with continuously evolving products, technology and service offerings, design thinking applied to your business is a vital tool that helps align business and user needs with what is technologically feasible and viable as a business strategy, in order to establish a lasting positive reputation resulting in profitability.

By combining empathy to the context of a business challenge, creatively generating insights & opportunities; and rationally arriving at the most fitting solution for better business value, Interics enables businesses to become leaders that can tap into market and customer knowledge, apply innovation in planning and execution, and create impactful customer experiences backed by a proven design thinking framework.

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