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Gen Z Design? We Got You (Chill Marketing Tips)

Forget everything you know about marketing to boomers. Gen Z, the meme-ing, phone-glued masters of the internet, need a whole new approach. Here’s the lowdown:

1. Ditch the Grandpa Aesthetics

Think bold colors, funny fonts, and real photos (think less stock photos, more hilarious dog pics).

2. Mobile-First = Only Rule

Gen Z practically lives on their phones. Make sure your design is sleek, easy to navigate, and has bite-sized content. No one wants to pinch-zoom to read!

3. Stop Corporate Talk, Start Meme Chat:

Ditch the fancy jargon and speak their language. Use slang, emojis, and jokes they’ll actually get. Adulting is hard, we feel you.

4. Gamify it Up!

Quizzes, polls, AR filters – anything to keep them engaged.  Think interactive stories, not snooze-fest lectures.

5. Real Talk About Real Issues

Show you care about the same things they do, like climate change or social justice.  They can spot a fake from a mile away.

By keeping it short, mobile-friendly, and entertaining, you’ll speak Gen Z’s language. Plus points for offering cool rewards and proving you actually care.

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