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At the beginning of any new design project, the excitement is contagious. Being in the creative field, each team and each team member has countless ideas and different visions for the project. For any creative branding agency to be able to come up with an accurate solution, Design Process is a must.

Each project, especially large-scale projects with a bigger number of deliverables must have a pre-decided methodology which is to be followed.

What is a Design Process?

Space Design projects require separate teams with distinct qualifications and equally important roles to come up with a concept for the space. Each role requires a process to be followed. The processes followed by each team should be collaborated for an aesthetic and timely design delivery.

The standardization and documentation of these processes at every level which is to be followed by each team is a Design Process.

The importance of the Design Process

An efficient design process is a methodology that helps simplify large complex processes into easy smaller stages for a time efficient delivery. Other than providing a structure, a design process also helps maintain and augment the quality of the work produced.

A few other benefits of following a structured design process are:

  • Enhance collaborative working

Regular and to-the-point communication with the client ensures a brief with clarity and keeps the client in loop throughout the design process.

  • Ensure Good Quality Designs

A structured design process ensures apt research and a well-grounded brief which helps avoid confusion. This helps the creative team to give their best and achieve a new benchmark for quality.

  • Fool proof delivery

Following a design process results in

  • Time efficient delivery

Through efficient collaborative efforts and avoiding mistakes and rework, a design process ensures on-time, high-calibre deliveries.

  • Precise communication

Design Process helps the design team to come up with exact designs based on the expectations of the client. This avoids both underachieving and overachieving the expected standard.

Our Methodology

Interics designs being one of the topmost brand design agencies for almost 3 decades has articulated a fool-proof methodology fine tuned over the years of experience.

We start with simultaneous procedures of a detailed space analysis along with an in-depth brand research and market research.

The team then creates a spatial theme/ story to unite all zones of the space and promote brand enriched content.

The next step is content mapping where the space is divided within zones and further divided into individual touch points. Brand related/ Theme related content is then assigned to each individual touch point.

Then the touch points are designed with theme related graphics. Installations, signage’s and interiors.

Interics then refers to the huge global and local network of production experts and vendors to find accurate and cost-effective execution partners for the project.

Coordination with separate vendors for each type of touch point, planning a timeline for the execution and finally application of the prints and installations in the space is the final step.

Our Experience

Interics recently worked on a large-scale space design project with an uncompromising timeline. The project included space design strategy, graphic design strategy, and signage strategy. Each of these deliverables required a separate expertise and had a team designated for these deliverables.

The project was at a construction stage while team Interics was working on the designs. Interics created separate communication systems with the client as well as a timeline for internal communication among the teams. The timeline included weekly internal meetings as well as weekly progress reports with the client. This ruled out any scope for confusion and miscommunication.

The first step of the design process which is the Space analysis happened simultaneously with the in-depth brand research. This was possible due to the correct division of teams according to the expertise of each member.

The teams together then came up with a theme – Layered excellence which was then translated into a design language used across graphics, installations and signage’s in the interior, exterior and the factory premises.

After developing brand enriched and aesthetic designs, the designs were explained and shared with our network of vendors and production sources which made the pre-production files working easy.

The design process developed over years of experience helped Interics deliver yet another successful space design project.


Being an International Design Consultancy, Interics Designs provides both time-efficient and cost-efficient solutions for all space design needs. Contact INSpaces for all international exhibition stall design, spatial branding and corporate office branding needs. INSpaces is a specialized division of Interics Designs – a renowned creative design agency in India, Branding agency and Brand design agency– with enormous experience in Brand Strategy, Brand Image Building, Graphic Design, and Environment Branding.

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