How to Integrate Offline and Online Marketing for Better Brand Building
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How to Integrate Offline and Online Marketing for Better Brand Building

The fundamental marketing model has changed. As consumers turn to the Internet for finding information, purchasing, networking and conducting business; as social media grows in popularity – it’s all about ‘engaging’ not ‘advertising’.

As the pressure increases to improve results yet cut marketing spends, more and more marketers are turning to digital channels to boost overall ROI. The challenge is to reach prospects and customers where, when and how they want to be reached.

That does not mean offline methods are obsolete. They can still be effective. To maximize impact, touch points must be identified, depending on strategic objectives, budgets and reach. Case studies show that combining online with offline media delivers 20%+ growth in response rates and brand recall. However, coordinating and integrating both and getting the right balance are the key.

So all things considered, it’s not about choosing one over the other. The best way to maximize your marketing strategy and budget is by integrating both online and offline efforts to reach various audiences, build a cohesive brand, improve brand recall.

Here are some practical ways to integrate your offline and digital marketing:

Promote online channels offline – Brand presence in any printed/offline media is more than just your logo. Include reminders for people to follow your accounts and website on all creatives for ads, brochures, business cards, flyers, banners, etc. All print & packaging should include URLs, social media handles and coupon/QR codes to draw your audience to your online channels.

Share QR codes – QR codes form the perfect connection between online and offline marketing. They lead customers to your website or social pages. Also use codes for special promos on FB or website; or to get discounts at your physical site.

Digital marketing of events – encourage participation of people, create a buzz, use mix of emails, posts, even paid ads – to attract people & boost engagement. You can even use an event app at the event to capture data of visitors so you get a new data base to follow up with relevant & personalised content.

Build a mobile app – Everybody is using a smartphone these days, carrying it wherever they go. And they value convenience and ease of use. So if you provide a well-designed mobile app where they can access everything they might need from your business, you’ll be making good use of this powerful marketing tool. Through the app you can provide exclusive offers, allow them to leave reviews, include a store locator, even gamify it, providing rewards for certain actions and tracking with hashtags/QR codes.

Take offline events to social media – Create contests, run opinion polls, display photographs of offline events, upload your most popular ads, create specific hashtags and encourage customers to share selfies to promote & track campaigns – social media offers many ways to engage with your audience and make them feel a part of your brand.

Use hashtags – Hashtags are everywhere today. Catchy hashtags become a brand property, making it easy for customers to join in brand conversations and helping to build the campaign story.


Nowadays, consumers are bombarded with information from different mediums. So it follows that if you reach out to consumers through multiple channels, your message will have more impact.

However, it is crucial to sync your offline and online efforts, and carefully coordinate your messaging. Consistency and cohesion are essential to improve the impact of cross-channel marketing. Companies should partner with a design agency that understands Integrated branding and digital marketing communications. You need an agency that has experience in brand building strategy and the multi-disciplinary skills to handle website & online advertising, content marketing, environment branding and all the other channels that constitute integrated branding.

Try Interics Designs, a strategic brand consultancy and multidisciplinary design agency with over 2 decades of experience in image building and brand promotion for leading B2B brands. Interics can deliver holistic service, devising a strong brand building strategy and seamlessly integrating visual identity and communication across offline and online channels.

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