Major Benefits of Having an Integrated Marketing Campaign
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Major Benefits of Having an Integrated Marketing Campaign

Integrated Marketing Communications is a strategy that integrates the different promotional tools, strategies and materials used, so that they work together cohesively to develop a synergistic and unique personality for your brand. Integrated Marketing Communications ensures all company marketing elements are consistent with brand identity, working together in harmony so you build a seamless journey across communication channels.

Today’s marketing environment is over-saturated. From PR, radio & print to apps and digital marketing, there are plenty of channels that can get your message across to specific audiences. More the channels, more the chances of your marketing getting confused, and your brand getting diluted.

Integrated advertising and marketing strategies can help you build your brand, increase chances for cross-pollination among marketing strategies, and deliver better customer experience. This technique is relevant not only for large organisations where several people are involved in marketing – causing marketing messages to get inconsistent and watered down. Even small businesses can benefit from an Integrated Brand strategy as it eliminates confusion, and powers their branding.

Benefits of integration

If you’re used to working in a disjointed way, integrated marketing will require some discipline – and perhaps some professional help. You will need to be consistent and committed to the strategy, and confident that it’s going to work. Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you adopt integrated marketing communications.

Visibility and recognition

The most basic objective of any marketing campaign is visibility. You want potential customers to notice your brand – and remember it for a good reason. Consumers are hit with hundreds of marketing messages daily, so it’s more important than ever for a brand to be recognizable from one platform to the next.

Achieving brand recognition is a natural by-product of placing brand identity at the centre of your campaign. Integrated marketing solutions can highlight key messages and owned assets, making it easier for consumers to notice, recall and buy into your brand.

Cost effectiveness

Design costs, graphics development, photography and content creation are expensive for any business. However, when you integrate your campaigns, you eliminate any unnecessary duplication, minimise transactional costs and benefit from scalability. Not only do you save time and money on creating campaigns, but you can also cut down on budget wasting that might occur due to disjointed campaigns. This means you get a lean campaign with better return on your investments.

 Clarity and Consistency

A scattered, disparate approach to marketing can cause havoc with your brand image. Brand image building and reinforcement requires a single, unifying message to bind together what your brand is about. At the heart of every multi-faceted marketing program should be a cohesive strategy and clear messaging guidelines.

From the outset, if you devise an integrated campaign with a plan of attack for each channel, it will ensure your message is focussed and reduce the amount of time it takes for potential customers to become familiar with your brand.

Further, from the point of view of internal stakeholders, this focus and consistency results in improved employee engagement, stronger team confidence and enhanced productivity.

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