Cost-Effective Brand Creation and Promotion for Startups
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Cost-Effective Brand Creation and Promotion for Startups

Brand Creation and Promotion for Startups

Many startups and SMEs are reluctant to invest in branding in the early days of their companies. They believe there are more important things to spend their money on – like building team and infrastructure, product design, etc.

The strength of a strong brand strategy, particularly in the initial stages, is that it helps you focus. It provides substance and helps you look at your company and your product almost objectively. It enables you to look at things from a customer’s perspective so your decisions are informed by what customers want and need, rather than what you think they want or need.

The most important thing is not to rush this process. It makes sense to engage with an experienced branding agency that can help you better understand what makes your brand different. Or that can help you create a differentiating proposition/positioning for you, and will make the time and effort to express your brand clearly, creatively and powerfully.

In today’s highly visual world, it’s critical for companies to stand out and stand apart from their competitors through strong visual language. Especially if you’re a new entrant! But let’s be practical. Budgets are bound to be limited for a new entrepreneur or startup company. Don’t spread your branding budget too thin. It’s better to do a small number of things well than to try and do a lot of things and compromise.

Interics Designs offers a unique and cost-effective model for branding and promotion trademarked as FRUGAL BRANDING. Through this model, startups can customise the number of deliverables according to budget and the minimum needed to get your business going.

A startup could require a Corporate Identity programme and basic sales collaterals to launch itself in the market. Or it may be looking for a digital strategy to create a strong digital presence for reputation management and lead generation. Or it could want creative exhibition stall design & build to launch its product at a trade show or exhibition. Or it could be a combination of all these – but within limited budget and timeline.

Whatever the startup company’s requirement, goals and budget, FRUGAL BRANDING ensures the client gets the appropriate service – for optimised Brand Building. New companies can benefit from consulting with highly experienced branding experts and designers while optimizing expenditure.

As an ISO certified company with a team of qualified designers, visualisers & brand specialists, and strong industry experience of over 2 decades, Interics is strongly positioned to partner with startups, SMEs and other businesses for integrated branding.

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