Workspace design that helps to attract staff & inspire productivity
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Workspace Design That Helps to Attract Staff & Inspire Productivity

Commercial spaces are constantly evolving. As younger generations enter the work force, as technology advances and new ideas emerge, more and more people and companies are realising that work can happen anywhere. One does not need to be in a formal office to work.

Also employees need to feel comfortable and connected to give their best. This is leading to new trends in workplace design. Work spaces are being redefined and reshaped to create spaces where employees feel relaxed and ‘at home’. Residential touches are being given to offices in order to create a more homely, welcoming environment.

The days of stark cubicles are fading. Today, while employees need to focus, they also need to interact — there are conference calls to be made, virtual meetings to be conducted, and people stopping by. Small groups need to get together to discuss projects, and calls need to be made in private.

Today, although cubicles exist, they are combined with informal areas for collaboration and relaxation. Privacy pods, sit/stand desks, common amenities are offering more options for work. Natural lighting, warm colours, aesthetic furniture and decorative additions are softening the look and feel, incentivizing staff to spend more time in office.

It doesn’t stop there. To attract and stimulate the new generations of millennials, companies are using space branding and art to boost productivity, unlock creativity and keep the employees in high spirits while building brand value amongst both internal and external customers.

Interics Designs partners with clients to help them achieve their vision and enhance business outcomes. Interics’ team of space design strategists not only understands branding requirements and is good at strategy, but is proficient at developing compelling concepts and transforming imaginative ideas into installations. Our designs add visual interest, spark creativity and motivate people to work in the office, especially in the time when everyone wants to work remotely.

Our knowledge and creative use of latest materials, technologies and trends only help to hone our output.

Interics Designs is a multi-disciplinary creative design agency in India with proven expertise in Brand Strategy, Brand Image Building, Graphic Design and Environment Branding.

Interics excels at, and has considerable experience in spatial branding, brand experience centers, tech centers and office branding design.

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